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"I have been building engines and strokers for over 45 years. Until recently, I was not a fan of stroking a crankshaft mainly because of the reliability horror stories. When I sent crankshafts out to be stroked, the results were always “pretty close” to being accurate but each one required unique adjustments to port timing and performance.  I wanted repeatability and reliability."

     "To take a stock crankshaft and stroke it requires either the old crankpin hole to be welded up and the pin hole re-drilled/offset or the use of an offset crankpin. I found that many stroked crankshafts when they needed to be rebuilt, (if rebuildable), the pin clearances were less and less. Some builders weld the pin in place to keep the crank aligned for that very reason. Additionally, when relocating the crank pin, the crankshaft stuffers must remain in the same position creating more offset of the balance weights. Some builders use aluminum crankshaft stuffers which require a lot of crankshaft weight to be removed to get the crankshaft back into balance. The crankshaft mass that is removed, increases the crankcase volume which decreases fuel transfer pressure... not good."
    "Our crankshafts are built to be 112 crankshafts. the stuffers are located properly, balanced perfectly and crankcase volume is slightly decreased, increasing crankshaft transfer pressure. The Gizmo crankshaft is rebuildable numerous times without fear of twisting from a loose pin and our crankshaft is slightly heavier which adds more torque than a modified 85 crankshaft. My decision to have them built was due to the inconsistent reliability and longevity of past crankshafts I had built from various crankshaft builders and to add torque via mass which will not happen with a stock 85 crankshaft. "

With the help of several top ranked amateur riders in the country and several years of development, we came up with the current 112 Stroker Crankshaft.  Its rebuildable, proves additional torque and is balanced perfectly. If maintained properly, our stroker crankshafts consistently provide customers with exceptional service.  All of the products at Gizmo are designed to add performance to your machine.

Conrad Eigenmann
Gizmo Mods Founder and President

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