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Gizmo Mods Policies

  • Gizmo Reputation: Over the last 15 years, all of us at Gizmo have worked diligently to create useful products that enhance the performance of your machine.  All of the Gizmo products have been tested and developed using countless hours on the dyno and direct championship winning feedback from many top amateur and professional racers.  By the time any of our products finally get on our website to sell, they all have been duely proven to be real performance enhancements.

  • Gizmo Product Availability:   We try to maintain a good stock of Gizmo products so when you need it, we have it.   Due to demand and material availability, sometimes we may find ourselves out of stock on a particular item. We try hard to update the website when we run low or out of a product.  Sometimes, the demand is such that a particular item might be available today but out of stock tomorrow.   We will try our best to reflect current stock daily on our website.

  • Gizmo Quality & Pride:  We pride ourselves on quality control in both the fabrication and assembly of our products and rarely have any quality issues but.... if you do have questions concerning any of the Gizmo products, please feel free to contact us.

  • Engine Work Policy:  Gizmo has a "if it needs it, it gets it" policy.  When sending us a used engine to build or rebuild, we examine each and every part. If a part shows excessive wear or needs to be replaced, we replace it which will typically be in addition to the work that is be performed.  We reserve the right to refuse to build an engine that is beyond its useful life in our opinion.  

  • Use of Gizmo Mods products:  We always suggest using the instructions or contacting us for the proper installations and care of your new Gizmo Product.   Some items require no maintenance and others may have certain service limits and/or regular maintenance intervals.  Always feel free to contact us to ensure you get the best service life and reliability from your new Gizmo Product.

  • Returns:  We usually do not get our products returned, but in the event that something needs to be returned, please contact us to discuss the details.

  • Shipping:  In general, unless otherwise requested, all outgoing shipments from Gizmo Mods are sent regular ground.

  • Shipment of engines, engine parts, etc. to Gizmo Mods:  Please do not ship items to be repaired, modified, or rebuilt without contacting us "Prior" to shipping so we can be expecting its arrival and enter into the work schedule. 

  • Shipping containers:  Please ship your engines in sturdy containers that will survive the shipping trauma.  Please do not ship engines in cardboard boxes or soft side luggage.  They make engine shipping crates, but they are very expensive and hard to get sometimes. We suggest just a nice Igloo type cooler. Your engine can be wrapped in towels or shipping type padding tight enough to keep your expensive engine from sliding around inside.  Please do not ship with oil in your engine.  If your new engine build requires a lot of parts, often there will be a second small box with the extra parts shipped separately.  

  • Turnaround time:  We take pride that most of the time we can get most engine work, builds, etc. done within 2 weeks. That of course is based on parts availability and how extensive your particular build is. 

  • Payment:  Much of our business is through Credit card and Paypal.   We do accept cash and can accept bank checks.  Checks must clear our bank before products will ship. 

  • Sales tax and Credit card fees:  As of January 2022, we now charge 7% sales tax on our internet sales.  Additionally, when using credit cards, the card processing services charge a .0375% on the total amount processed.

  • Privacy & Safety:  We value our customers privacy and typically will not save any financial information unless requested to do so.  However, we would like to retain email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers into our customer database to alert our customers of new products and promotions.

Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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