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Being the biggest

is not our quest,

being the best is 

  • The Gizmo Mods 65 Brake Kit converts the OEM 65 four puck system to a stainless steel two puck system with more pad surface area for better stopping power.
  • Bolts right on to the existing 65 master cylinder and brake hose.
  • Gizmo disk is thicker, stronger, dissipates heat more efficiently and is the same weight as the stock disk.

Kit Includes:
1 - Gizmo Mods KTM 65 Rear Brake Rotor
​1 - Gizmo Mods Rear Brake Caliper Support Bracket
​1 - KTM 2 SS Puck Caliper
1 - Brake cylinder hollow screw
​2 - Brake cylinder hollow screw O-Rings
​2 - Caliper mounting bolts

Gizmo KTM/Husky 65 Rear Brake Upgrade Kit to KTM/Husky 85 Caliper and 4mm Disk

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